I Hate My Cvs Filled Life

I am 19 and I have had cvs for about a year and a half now. I am usually sick in bed most days and the days that I do feel good enough to get out of bed ,which is hardly ever, im out of energy from being sick and never do anything. It keeps me home, the only places I go to is school because I dont want to fail out of my college classes and all my freakin doctors appointments I have like 6 more to go to in just the next 2 weeks! The days that I go to school I wake up with stomach pain and I usually throw up my breakfast so I go to school feeling sick and hungry its the worst!! I always feel like crap when I go to school and don't talk to anyone I mean who wants to talk to anyone when they feel like ****. I never go anywhere because of this, i've pretty much stopped hanging out with people I know because im sick all the time they don't even see if i want to hang out anymore because they already know the answer. I just feel so alone... I am 19 years old I shouldn't be sick like this I should be out having fun with friends and having the time of my life but im not. I HATE this sickness and I hate my new CVS filled life!!!!!!!
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There are ways you can cure it

You are bit alone. I started getting sick when I was 18. I am now 20 and they finally diagnosed with cvs. My life has taken a 360 turn for the worst. I had to drop at of nursing school which has been my dream my whole life. Being sick has taken a great toll on my relationship with my boyfriend. I am lucky enough that he has stayed by my side through all this. I haven't hung out with my friends in months for the most part they understand why but they still get mad. Hopefully we will grow out of this soon and have it in our past to look at how strong we were for making it through being so sick.

I'd love to talk with you sometime... I'm 19 too and know exactly how you feel, its ridiculous, my life has become cvs.. I haven't even been officially diagnosed yet so I get thrown in emergency and know one knows what is wrong with me. I'd really love to talk with you about all this I have lots of questions and well it would just be nice to have someone who can relate to it. Hope youre doing a bit better :( my facebook is Naomi Laurin if you want to add me on there?

Hey hi! I suffered from this CVS problem..7 long years..and got cured by ayurveda medicines..

im 16 and have cvs and its very hard to deal with i havent been able to attend school for 2 years now do to how sick i am day to day because of the pain and nausea but the pain is the worst thing ever

there is a cure in Ayurvedic medicine..I got cured with it.. Contact - kansal.dell@gmail.com

I had never heard of CVS until a friend's son had it, but apparently it's not as rare as I thought. He has weeks when it's not an issue, and some attacks pass within a couple of days, though he also has ended up in the hospital on IVs a number of times. There must be research going on, and hopefully they'll come up with something that will effectively control it. <br />
<br />
Meanwhile, don't isolate yourself from your friends. Their support can be helpful. And never hesitate to get medical help when you think you need it!

I'm with you! I hate this life that has me trapped in my bed and like you said.... when I do fell "okay" I still don't have energy and I too feel sick ALL THE TIME. I wake up with the YUK belly daily too. I never know what the day will bring or if the general nausea and abdominal pain will worsen to the point where I need to go to the emergency department. I've been in the emerg over 30 times in the past year... 7 times just in the past 2 months! My medication works sometimes to stop episodes at home, when I don't vomit it out... but too often I need the I.V to stop the pain and vomiting. I have 3 children, my oldest being 19 years old and in the second year of university. I am hurting because my illness is affecting my kids and it's like they are taking care of me... instead of the other way around! I am a youth counsellor by profession and have used every "tool" in my arsenal to try and keep an brave face and remain hopeful. But it is lonely. People basically stopped asking me how I am for the most part now and because my diagnosis is one that people don't understand or never heard of, (and they can't SEE my pain) I find many people think I'm bulimic or that something "else" is going on with me that I'm not saying. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It gets very lonely when you are sick. It can be hard to keep your head straight. You are doing the right thing by reaching out to others with cvs for support. I hope you get your life back. Thank-you for posting your story... it helped me know that I'M NOT ALONE EITHER.