Nuisance On My Life

I am nineteen years old and I was diagnosed with CVS two years ago after four years of constant vomiting and nausea. I have been medicated since and I still have severe episodes. I hardly ever got to attend high school and had to drop all my extra curricular activities. I had to battle the school board just to get to graduate even with all the proof from my doctor. I began to realize how serious my disorder has gotten when I was involved in a wreck with a diesel due to me having a vomit attack while driving almost a year ago. The state decided because of my uncontrollable vomiting I am a danger to society and have been trying to take my license since. As I I didn't have enough. I have lost so much weight and cannot make myself eat, the slightest smell with start an episode. I was always battling with mangers of any job I had cause I was always sick. Its been over half a year now since I've had a job because of this. I would get an interview and get so worked up about it I would end up puking endlessly and having to turn it down. I'm beginning to feel like I literally cannot have a life at this point and I'm worried about my weight. I would just like to be able to get out of bed without struggle and carrying a bag with me everywhere I go. I want answers, solutions, disability, SOMETHING. it's impossible to live a satisfying life with this.
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I got cured by ayurveda medicines..

I can understand what you are going from.. I suffered from the same 7 long years.. Even if I am alright now.. sometimes it still haunts me..