I Have Cvs

I Had cvs sence 2-3 years old i been hospitalised all my life mostly. I missed alot of school it was really hard to cope with cvs when i was younger i didnt know how to control my pain much and was throwing up alottt. Im 20 now i am able to manage my pain a lil better now i dont get sick has much and im really thankful for each day that i wake up healthy i still get sick just not has much anymore i take ativan for pain wich is for anxiety but it helps me alot when i feel like its gunna get really bad it relaxes my body and makes me really tired/Drowsy but it stops me from going to the ER. I only take it has needed. I take promethazine for nausea if that dont work thats when i take the ativan. I still go to the ER sometimes not has much thow. I never met anybody with cvs and i didnt know there was alot of websites for cvs. It would be nice to hear from somebody that has the same thing has i do. I always wanted to know what risks are there when you are pregnant with cvs and will my child have it? is it harder to get pregnant? There is not much on cvs pregnancy but i would like to know if anybody knows that would be nice.
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From a mother of two, I would recommend considering adoption. My last pregnancy was 5 years ago and it felt having the full blown stomach flu everyday. I can't even count the number of times I was in the er for fluids. My children were both born healthy, but the experience really took a toll on my body. Lots of cavities, etc.

Hi, I have had one successful pregnancy with CVS, and my symptoms worsened for the first five months of pregnancy. There is not much research at all on women, pregnancy and cvs, just correlations. My doctor told me that women either get better during pregnancy, or get worse. It is difficult to get through, but I'm in the process of doing it again, so it is not impossible to do if you turn out to be one who gets more sick. So far, my daughter has no signs of CVS. Best of luck.

I can understand what you are going from.. I suffered from the same 7 long years.. Even if I am alright now.. sometimes it still haunts me..I got cured by ayurveda medicines..

Hi, I have had CVS for 17 years, It began when I was in jr. high. I take the same medications that you do as well as zofram and xanex. My episodes have landed me in the hospital for weeks and I have lost a few jobs behind this disease. One thing that I can tell you is that during both of my pregnancies I was granted a reprieve from my CVS symptoms. the morning sickness was awful, but as you know regular vomiting is no where near as painful as CVS vomiting. Hope this helps reasure you a little.