Do I Have Cvs?

I'm 14, and for 3 maybe 4 years I have had violent episodes of throwing up about once a month. It normally starts at night, after 7pm and lasts for 3-7 days. I throw up 6-9 times a day with headaches, stomachaches, terrible nausea, chills, shakes, and low fevers. DO you think I have CVS or just get the flu a lot?
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Hi, I have it too. Close on 7 yrs now . It started the same. The medications didn't work or coincide with my other medicines. It's also triggered by stress. Pramin is the only medication for cvs that I'm on at the moment . I'm sick 2 days a week now.

I think cvs

I can understand what you are going from.. I suffered from the same 7 long years.. Even if I am alright now.. sometimes it still haunts me..I got cured by ayurveda medicines..

Sounds like it to me. I've had CVS since birth but was only diagnosed after seven years. I say talk to your doctor and don't take no for an anwser. I was turned down many times. I'm almost 15 now and it helps knowing what I have.

How often do you get sick? You cannot get the same strain of virus twice which means if you are sick all the time it is not a virus. Do you throw up every single day?, Does it come and go in periods?, Does anything bring it on or make it worse?

With CVS you are not ALWAYS sick. You get bouts of sickness that come and go (hence 'cyclic' meaning cycle). Usually you are constantly sick for a few hours up to a few days or weeks then it disappears and you are fine until it comes back and the cycle begins again.

Take a look at some info on the CVSA website and they can help you. just google CVSA.