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I am a 40 year old female. I have bouts of vomiting about 4 times a year usually beginning with a severe headache that feels like sinus pressure. I can't eat or drink anything and the only thing that stops the vomiting is going to the ER and getting medicine in an IV. Unfortunately, the hospital is now getting testy with me, "Haven't you been seen for this before?" and "What does your doctor tell you to do when you get like this?"
Actually, my doctor just told me to do what I've always done, go to the ER. I'm still trying to get a definite diagnosis though, my doctor is still fidgeting around saying it's heartburn and GERD that's causing the vomiting. So, mostly I'm at a loss and I'm preparing for my next "cycle" around March or April (I just got over one). I tried to get the Zofran strips for my next attack but my insurance won't cover them and my doctor gave me some pills for migraine but my insurance wouldn't cover those either, so I have to call for a different medication.
I started going back to college and I'm scared of missing classes. How is all of this dealt with? The confusion and frustration? The family members yelling about how sickly you are?
Any suggestions?
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I can understand what you are going from.. I suffered from the same 7 long years.. Even if I am alright now.. sometimes it still haunts me..I got cured by ayurveda medicines..