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I'm 16 and am almost certain I have Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome based on my symptoms I have experienced since September of 2008.  My episodes get triggered by colds/viruses and I've had 9 episodes since then.  

In September I got a cold and I had a 24 hour vomiting episode and had to go to the ER because I was dehydrated.  They had me stay overnight and diagnosed me with mild pancreatitis.  Then in November of that year I had menstrual cramps and vomited for 24 hours.  Then a few days later I came down with a sore throat and vomited for another 24 hours.  In January I came down with another sore throat/cold and vomited for 24 hours.  After that they put me on birth control thinking it had to do with my period.  It seemed to help but in May I came down with another cold and started vomiting and ended up in the hospital again.  At both hospital visits, they did sonograms to see if I had gall stones and nothing came up.  They diagnosed me with mild pancreatitis again and that's when the doctor brought up the possibility of CVS.  They prescribed Zofran, Prilosec and Flonase for my allergies.  Over the summer, I didn't have any problems except for mild nausea sometimes.  Then in September of 2009, I got another cold and started vomiting again, but I used the zofran and was able to abort it.  Then in October, I got a sore throat and vomited once. I ended up having bronchitis.  In the beginning of December I got another mild cold but didn't vomit at all.  But a few weeks later, I got another sore throat/cold and vomited a few times.  Then in January of 2010 I got a sinus infection and felt nauseous but didn't vomit.

Since May I've seen many specialists including an allergist, a GI doctor twice, an ear/nose/throat doctor, a gynecologist, and a neurologist.  The neurologist prescribed me with compazine and some migraine meds. He said he thinks its a sensitive gag reflex, but why have I gotten so many colds in one year? I've gotten many blood tests, a CT scan, and sonograms.  And I've gotten pretty much the same answer from all of them: I don't know.

It's hard not to be discouraged by that and what I've been through the past year, it has really impacted my life and I just really want to know exactly what I have so I can treat it right.  I've started to exercise more and I'm taking vitamin C supplements to support my immune systems, but we're pretty much stumped.

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All you can honestly do with this syndrome is just ride out the pain. It sucks, it is crippling and it takes over and brings your life to a halt. I used to do that when i was younger too. I would get sick just about every month for the smallest cough. once I was put on Atenelol I stopped getting sick every month and it is around twice a year now.

Isn't it the worst? When you go from place to place you and become a test subject and the only response you hear is: I don't know. >.><br />
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So yes, I've had CVS. My "triggers" are different than yours. Unfortunately, yours seems to be due to the unavoidable cold/flus, however mine were thought to be from stress.<br />
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I am saying this to hopefully bring you some hope. That I've had CVS from a very young age and finally, for the last time, my freshman year in high school. Since then, I have not have CVS and I am now in college. It was not easy, but because my triggers were thought to be mental, I pushed through it all and have come out on the other side. I like to believe it will never come back - I think that as long as I believe it can be true.<br />
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And not that it was easy, I'm sure you know, it's not easy at all. But I must be lucky, for I kind of can avoid it (hopefully).<br />
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But people like us are stronger for what we've gone through. And I just want to say that you should never lose hope! It sounded like things were starting to get better. DON'T live in fear of it and keep fighting. Some day, you will find yourself looking back and realizing that that last time really was the last time. And you will look in the mirror and actually LIKE what you see - you'll be proud of who you've become and of your strength (if you aren't already there :D).<br />
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I've read some research about how CVS can turn into really bad migraines as you get older, and that medications like that or for depression can sometimes help. Have you ever tried those? What you are doing, supporting your immune system, sounds excellent, though!<br />
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Good luck with everything :)<br />
I'm here to listen if you ever need it, too.

I've been experiencing basically the same thing. I have episodes where I will vomit for 24+ hours at a time. I constantly going back and forth to the hospital. They have me on every anti-nausea medication, but I recently had an ultra sound - came back clean and today I had an upper GI which also came back clean. Now a doctor is finally trying to figure this out and I think I might have CVS, but I lost my job, my apartment and my social life entirely. I continuously catch colds/sinus infections and there isn't a single doctor out there who can provide some sort of explanation as to why. I can't live a normal life right now and it sounds like everyone with CVS is in the same boat. Thank you for your story. It is good to know that at least someone has found some relief.