Any Correlations?

I have two people that I know that have cyclic vomiting syndrome. Considering the rareness of this disorder, I have been trying to make correlations about the disorder to maybe figure what is going on with people... One major correlation I have recognized between the two people I know that have the disease is they are both heavy marijuana smokers (ironically in part because of the nausea caused by CVS). This to me is the strongest correlation I have seen initially and was wondering if anyone else has noticed this correlation or any other correlations. 

My theory is, that THC coats neural receptors to the point where there is conductivity problems between the synapses... This lack of synapse conductivity is where I am hoping someone with more knowledge can tell me more about. The reason I think this is significant is because the major drugs they use to treat CVS are SSRI's and Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, which increase the amount of neurochemicals between the synapses and improve conductivity between the firing synapses. 

If not marijuana, perhaps there is something else out there that in someone that has CVS,  could cause a lack of conductivity between synapses similar to this scenario?  

This is obviously a long shot but I do believe there may be something to this so if anyone has any comments ideas, or wants to completely shoot this idea out of the air, please be my guest... 





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I've heard of people getting sick from smoking marijuana, but I don't. I can't really pin point what causes my episodes, but they seem to happen around the same time every month.

This Too its very interesting:<br />

Please Read this link it pertains to EXACTLY THIS:<br />
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Actually I am doing some more research now and it seems like other people have already proposed this idea and written several articles on it... If your curious i'm gonna check out some links from this page, you should too...<br />

So I didn't think you were being rude but it is obvious I have not explained myself very well. So... Let me give it one more shot... I realize that this condition is mostly found in kids. I also realize that this condition is associated with migraines. My question was more about brain chemistry and not marijuana so I am sorry if the question seemed that way...<br />
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My question is: <br />
Similar to how normal depression is a predisposed condition, which is treated with SSRI's. Could CVS be a predisposed condition where norepinephrine and seritonin levels are out of wack since tri-cyclic antidepressants seem to be the only solution to regulate the condition.<br />
<br />
Now, the Marijuana part comes in because I am asking: Does marijuana exacerbate brain chemical balance and cause someone with a predisposition for CVS, to have more frequent episodes although between episodes it can also have a medicinal affect on an individual.