My son has had Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) for the last 3 years. As a mother I started googling "my son keeps vomiting "and I found this wealth of information and thought this is what he has. Well no Doctor would agree with me until finally I had had an excellent doctor confirm this. Although I kept asking Doctors could he have this and they all said no as you need to have this more than 3 times a year. Well he did.

Once I found this info out I asked the school to give me his sick day history so I could start seeing patterns, lengths of attacks etc. Voila.

Initially he would only have it every couple of months from 3-5 days. Often starting on a Monday (after a weekend). Then it increased to monthly for 5 days (thought I had a daughter), Last year
he had his worst attack and had up to 7 weeks off school. He would get better for a day and we would think great his going back to school and then he would relapse again and this was constant and his longest attack.

My ex used to say to me "why is he always sick when you have him". People thought he was malingering and just didn't want to go to school. That he was making it all up etc. etc. As I had had a couple of migraines in my time and once with vomiting I understood that there was more to this than what everyone was saying. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

At the beginning things like pizza, cheese, late nights triggered it off. Then he started getting the extremely bad headaches and so everyone was treating him for migraine. He would either be given maxlon, wafers, and various other drugs and often would be put on a saline drip at the hospital.

Touch wood he has not had an attack for about 3 months now. The good doctor I found has put him on a Preventive drug PERIACTIN 4 mg.
He is taking one every night before bed.

I trust his story will assist other fellow sufferers because even as his mum I saw how agonising this syndrome could be for him
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Feb 29, 2016