Mild Bp My ***

Granted I am guilty of employing the same mislabeling.  Calling cyclothymia a mild form of bi polar or the diet cola in the manic depressive fridge is somewhat misleading.  It causes divorce, hurts family and friends, and makes suicide seem a viable option.  Not entirely mild.

None the less I am fortunate that, for the past year, I have been on lithium and my moods are pretty stable.  I see my shrink every month or so and take 1200 mg LiCO3.

I also found that the CBT exercises found at the mood gym:  are excellent.

And just to get my thoughts and emotions healed I took the Hoffman Process.  It is intense but worth a good two years of therapy.  With the lithium and my shrink fixing the physical part of my brain and the Hoffman Process healing the emotional/spirital part of my brain my moods are really much much better.




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3 Responses Feb 24, 2009

It is encouraging to know that I can get better. I have only just found out I suffer from this disorder and want so much to change my mood swings. I don't function at all when I am low and have taken to remaining in bed for weeks on end. Frustrating after so many years of therapy to be worse off. At least I know what is worng with me and have made a commitment to start getting all the help I can. It is great to have this forum and to be in touch with others who understand what I have to deal with.

ive been told meds will not help me ????????? but everything i read says they will ???????????

Hello Craig,<br />
I just joined. What is the Hoffman Process? Thanks for sharing your story. I've been looking for a support group with other people with cyclothymia