Cystic Fibrosis

I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when i was about 6 months old. Life is definately a strugle, and alot different when you have a life threatening disease. I've had an amazing life and love it but some days are pretty bad. In my early years of life I basically lived in the hospital. Teen years i was pretty active and healthy for the most part, well as healthy as you could be I guess. About 4 months ago I was told I have 2 years or less :/ yes i was upset but in my eyes everything happens for a reason and Doctors can be wrong. Since then I've been taking care of my health the best I ever have in my life. my FEV's which are breathing tests where less than 30 % and thats critical. Since my recent visits they've went up to 37% so I'm making progress... Im gonna continue to enjoy and love life and hopefully prove this Doctor's wrong.... Much love and support to all my fellow CF community
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My 16 yrs.old daughter has C.F. and last year she was in the hospital 6 times ..This year Wooo Hooo no admissions ,half the year is over.The point I am trying make is No one Knows how long they have ,they CAN NOT PREDICT THE FUTURE ...Stay strong and keep pushing...What helped my daughter is We been going to John's Hopkins hospital C.F. clinic in Maryland .WHICH IS A VERY VERY LONG RIDE But they switched her breathing medicines around which is helping her lot! If you need to chat send me a message ...Stay strong and Kick C.F.'s butt..Prove the doctors They are not fortune tellers.

Hi, I was just wondering what state you live in? I know no one with cf besides myself, cause all the 6 ppl I did know pasted away beside me and one other hutnlost tuch with her. But I was just wondering if you dont mind....

your story is inspiring. i have cystic fibrosis too and i get fed up with it

Your attitude about life is so inspiring. Stay strong <3