Daddy Warbucks

So I guess Im not the most unfortunate on this issue, but it still hurts. Im sixteen years old, and my parents have been apart for 14 years. I can handle that. My mom met my stepdad when I was three and has been with him ever since. No big deal, two loving dad's right? Nope. My biological father acts fine around me, but resents that I have formed such a close connection to my uncle. My father denied to his ex wife that I was even his daughter. I can live with that. My stepdad, I absolutely love. But its different. He isnt the dad type, he is my best friend. I still call him by his first name. I'm fine with this. I love him so much. But I have an older brother. I have never met him before and he lives in a different state. I recently tried to contact him but got blocked for my efforts. Even my own brother doesnt want anything to do with me. I can handle all of this. I used to think of my uncle as a kind of father figure. I only get to see him about once every three years because he is gone so much and lives in a different state. But he has a daughter now. Not only is his attention when he is around on her (she lives with her mother) but my grandparents focus 100% on her as well. I havent even gotten a Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas since she was born. I can handle this, I truly can. Fake it until you make it, right? But the problem is that with all of this, I cant even kind of tolerate anything involving fathers. I've become desperate for attention, and anything involving fathers reducing me to hysterical ugly crying. I just watched Annie (1982) and during the Maybe Reprise I started sobbing/ ugly crying. I couldnt help it and I spent an hour crying over how much I "want a Daddy Warbucks". I'm sixteen years old and this is a serious problem, but I just have to work my way through it. I can't gain a "daddy" like Annie did, and I can't get back the ones I've lost. The pains that hurt the most and probably my brother and my uncle. I feel so silly for writing this compared to everyone else's problems, but I need so desperately to share that I'm up at almost 1am the night before my AP English midterm crying about a fictional character named "Daddy Warbucks".
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Wow. That's quite a story. I'll challenge the idea that "I can't gain a 'daddy' like Annie did." There may be ways you can. If you'd like to talk about it you could reply here, or message me. Where are you located?