My dad is a addict
I'm tired of telling to quit and I can't watch him kill himself everyday with Booz and smoking
I don't know what to do ?
He's all I got but he doesn't understand that
chiragvijay chiragvijay
22-25, M
2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

the hardest part is understanding withdraws depending how far deep he is, quitting is almost worse then continuing. If he is a serious drinking him quitting will require more help then you or he is ready to take. He will need professional help. Coming off drinking is a serious thing. Its not just stop, he will go through serious shakes and can even have seizures and many other things. I'm sure you have seen him and his moods with he hasn't had a drink. He needs to hit "his" rock bottom. Rehab isn't cheap, plus trying to find one that is available. Group therapy is great once you are clean but for now getting people together to help him and finding a place for him to get help is important also everyone has to give him ultimatums is important to. don't expect it to go smooth. others help will be the key.

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