I am sorry i didn't get into uni. I'm sorry that I wasn't an A* student. I'm sorry. I will always be a failure in your eyes. instead of being positive and helping me get through all the pain and feelings i felt when all the unis said no you critised me. My little sister is always the favourite child who gets straight A's/A*s you critises me, you let her disrecpect me and call me stupid and dumb all the time. It really hurts Dad. All I want to do is impress you, for you to say well done to me for once in my life. you always neglected me when my sister was born she is your Favourited. i will always come second. i always had to suffer to get what i wanted. went to school with stapled up cheap shoes, cheap stationary, £20 to buy clothes, never got new uniform, i look ruff most of the time got bullied for my appearance, i starved must of the time in school because i only had £5 for a whole week and i tried to save it to buy stationary or new shoes or it didn't stretch for the week. you always insult me to mum all the time. you have really hurt me so deep right down to the core and it hurts to look at you. i tried to avoid you.
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22-25, F
Aug 20, 2014