By daddy issues, I mean my dad and I do not get along, and that we have a complicated relationship. Not that I have no morals and sleep around to **** him off. Just so the creeps on here are clear.
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I wish you and your dad find each other! But I assume he knows better about life generally!

He drinks a lot, he didn't go to college or even finish high school. He's worked for a family business and lived in the same town all his life. He doesn't know as much as he thinks he does. I love my dad but he doesn't know how to let me be my own person. And he doesn't know what's best all the time, obviously

He is probably trying to play the father thing.... I don't mean the drinking part!

Well either way he needs to stop with it

Does he have other kids?

Yes I have a sister

Wow... You see... It's daddy's lil angels... And you will always be lil angels to him..... That comes with overprotectiveness... ... (I think so...)

My sister is his angel. I'm like his demon. Ha

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