I Know As Soon As I Wake

The alarm goes off and before I can even get it turned off I know. It's like a cloud that envelops my head with negativity. I have no idea why and it only happens 6 to 8 times a year but it sure makes those days suck.

Logic doesn't help. I know that everything is the same today as it was yesterday and that I have everything going for me but it doesn't help. I try to avoid other people as much as possible on these days. I fear it's like a negative energy that might rub off on them.

Amazingly it's like a switch. 24 to 48 hours later and I am back to my normal overly optomistic self.

*is highly tempted to post this as an anon so his circle doesn't think him nuts*
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3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

First of all, anyone who knows you already knows you're a little crazy.

Second of all, why would you think you're alone in this?

Third... I post **** in confessions all the time, so apparently, you've got bigger stones than I have.

Last, I never recognize the bad days until I'm underway. Often times, someone needs to point it out to me....

*runs to confessions to spot the one's Joey wrote*

If you rat me out I will so kick your ***

dammit! foiled!

I think you are lucky it only happens 6-8 times a year. LOL I experience it more frequently. Hugs

Uggg.....I couldn't take it that often....

Im very good at ignoring and going about my smiling day. :)

I need lessons.

A secret for me is. The funnier I am, the more Im hurting. It's a defense mechanism. I normally laugh and giggle when nervous. I always smile anyway, so it's not hard for me. Since ep, I notice Im sillier when hurting. I don't talk about it. I may post something but that's the extent. I swallow and continue.

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