Dark? Or Just A Defect?

My eyes have been a silvery or dark grey color since birth but i havent seen a doctor because im scared i have a defect.. do any of you know what it is to save me from the doctor? :(
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6 Responses Sep 10, 2012

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Eye color is not a defect.. :)

So you're SPECIAL... but it's NOT a defect :)

yeah,my eyes change color,but they are mainly sky blue.

IDK. I even googled it and came up with nothing. If tou have a defect you should see a doctor as he could probably help you. It is usually our fear of knowing something that causes us harm.

That being said, the Dr kbgloves diagnosis is that you just have gorgeous stunning eyes which go quite well with your gorgeous stunning looks! No charge for diagnosis, : DeadWomanWalking, just look me in the eyes before you leave the office - ahh, stunningly beautiful! Thanks....

Maybe this isn't a defect of any consequence, if it's a defect at all. It may just be a benign anomaly. If your eyesight is okay and no doctor has ever said it is symptomatic of some underlying health problem, you probably don't have anything to worry about. Just take satisfaction in having eyes with an interesting and unusual color.

You could always turn them golden by drinking the blood of mountain lions. >.>

Chance to do what?

An eye transplant can save you =) but you can always drink until you see them black again

I didn't wanted to mock you with an x) haha.... I lose my eyesight everyday... after 5 or 6 shots of vodka!