Black Hair, Brown Eyes..r

 Both sides of my family are naturally tanned but also have dark hair and dark eyes...So its not unusual that I inherited those traits..(: My hair isn't actually black, it's a really dark brown, but everyone disagrees with me and says that my hair is black and that it looks like I dyed it. Though in the sun, in turns to a red/brown color and then they're all like, "Wow, did you dye your hair again? It looks red.", yeah so either way, my hair looks like it's dyed. My eyes are the same. Without the sun, it looks like I have contacts that are colored black but in the sun... they're a pretty hazel color...

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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

Wow... you sound just like me. Once at school, two girls interrupted the class just to ask what color my hair was. My eyes don't look hazel in the sun though, just a really warm brown :)