That's It...

Um, the group name is pretty self-explanatory.

For the record, my hair is naturally dark brown with auburn highlights. People always insist it's black for some reason- as if I didn't know the color of my own hair.

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6 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Because its not. <br />
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Really, a phenomenon you say? I didn't think of it that way.

Don't turn this around on me...I'll fight you! I know where you live! HaHa.

touche. I would never have said burnt black. I mean your hair is not a piece of toast so that idea is somewhat outlandish. But the idea of a lot of dark brown hair looks black makes sense so lets go with that ok ^^

You can give it a shot.

NO, It's because it's thick and alot of dark brown hair gives the illusion of black hair! Are you trying to insinuate my hair is burnt black?!

Well you got to admit, your hair is REALLY , REALLY dark. I would call it black too. But maybe it is becuse it is strighted so much? ^^