I read an article recently by Sigmund Freud. It was about a female who was sick with no medical proof of an existing ailment. She also became phobic of drinking water and she dove in and out of consciousness. Freud used Hypnosis and Talk Therapy to find the source of her crippling despair. He concluded that she had Hysteria caused by her taking care of her father on his death bed. She didn't want her father to see her cry so she swallowed the pain. This was ONE traumatic event that caused her disabling disorder. I have lived through at least a dozen traumatic events similar to hers, not including the four years of violent torture that I endured at the hands of my first stepfather. I too swallowed my pain. I do not have Hysteria because my mind is strong for some unknown reason but I do have mysterious ailments, severe trust issues, I am hard to handle, and I had lost all faith in positive side of humanity until I recently met people at my college who have the heart of angels. I am working on my issues and it will take time to heal my deep wounds. If that ever happens?  I am soon going to be taking my experiences that I use to once curse and apply them to help abused children and people who are intellectually delayed. I do not care what people think about me--not even a little bit. I don't know if anyone knew this but in the DSM IV "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" , there is a disorder listed in that book for EVERYONE. All people have had different experiences and they are only unique.

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I still stand my ground by saying that everyone is unique but you are also right that some people really do need help. It pulls at my heartstrings but it is not safe to play hero on social networks coming from a female perspective. I have the knowledge to cure the basic cases, but some disorders like schizophrenia and PTS are not cureable through those basic means of therapy. I am not here to brag on my strengths. I wanted to promote awareness to the fact that people need to vocalize their inner conflicts. That is the start on their way to recovery. The case I described above about Anna has many other levels of depth to it. Only a psycho analysist can understand it. I know average people are not pyscho anyalysis but talking to family, friends, exc., will put you on a road to awareness to the deeper issue that is being supressed.

Yes. It's also hard to talk about what is wrong when the problem only exists in the unconscious. That's where Art Therapy comes into play. A form of therapuetical relief. :)