People say they have a dark part of them selfs all the time i guess they want people to e scared of them or soething i dont know

i really dont care

heres the thing though if you have that drakness really have it you really dont like to talk about it

beleave me i know

i am writting this in hopes someone might read it and understand this about me

I do have a darkside about me one i am even scared of because i know what kinds of pain i bring to people

when it comes out and it does come out alot sometimes

in the end i wont care who i hurt or what kind of pain it cused even now knowing to hurt people in the past i still dont care i hurt them

and i am not sorry for it

in some ways i wish i could be sorry but im not

i just want the person i want to read this to be ready for it i love them alot and i will try not to do anything to you but it might happen

and i am scared i might

it takes alot to get me to that point but once there it will take along time to get back to my normal self

this is not something to be prud of im not prud of it

like i said this is more like a warning to those i get close to

i will use everything i know about you to hurt you when i get to a point i will make you cry and make you wish i never met me

as much as i hate to say it i do and i wont care when it is over and never will

and i am sorry for this but it is something i have to live with and as someone i am close to you might to i just hope i never get to that

and i will try to back off when i do get to that point i just dont want to hurt anyone not anymore i am tired of letting this get the best of my

i am tired of it all

so just be warned

ravenseye ravenseye
26-30, M
Mar 6, 2010