I Live In Ladyboyland

Living in Asia I move in various circles: professional (which is straight, sober, cold), social (which is not a big deal for me, only occasional, and involves straight mostly white expat men - and sometimes their accompanying Asian girlfriends or wives), and erotic, which is a world I refer to as Ladyboyland.

I occasionally have sex with other gay men, but mostly I seek out ladyboys and femboys. These are MtF transgenders, but in Asia they refer to them as I do here, and distinguish between the two, the former LBs tending to be ones who "pass" as the Westerners like to say, as girls; the latter, FBs, even though dolled up in fem gear, seem more self-evidently boyish.

It is a world of high erotica, of nightlife, dancing, prancing, being seen, extravagant theatricality, and in certain Asian countries there are bars and saunas, clubs and dancing halls, and all sorts of places you can go to act out your erotic fancies by meeting these forms of life. I love it. I mostly only go short term, often one-night stands, often even only 1 or 2 hour stands in rooms the venues provide for such happenings. But I did have a four month long relationship with a femboy about 4 years ago, which was really something, and from which I learned much. It included us moving into a flat (which I paid for of course) and setting up a cosy little home for a while. But sadly it died as quickly as it started.

Now I merely move in a transient world of casual watching, gossiping, dating.
61-65, M
2 Responses Sep 3, 2011

Great post. I've often thought of doing the expat thing and moving over there. Do you have any regrets. I do love LB's and FB's

Not one regret. I don't think I could live in the West again.

Update 18 October 2011:<br />
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I have begun a public access albumn of some shots of lovely Asian ladyboys in the my photos section of my profile. Enjoy!