We broke up in like..January of this year. He is the sweetest thing of the nicest, most genuine men I've ever met. He was my first relationship& first boyfriend. 
We spoke on the phone last night and then just text messaged. His voice is just...that of another person entirely.
When we broke up it was so much deeper than when we first met& I assumed that was where it was going to say. He sort of had a 'sick voice" but as i said, I figured that was just his voice. But now it's entirely man. 

He text messaged me a picture and he even looks different. Last time I seen him he had a few hairs on his chin but in the picture he has enough so it's a shadow around his face - good look for him <3 Sexy, sexy man.

Talking to him made me realize that I made a bit of a mistake going for someone else. He has moved on& has a girlfriend  so there's no stepping back into dating territory with him. :(

micahN micahN
22-25, M
May 12, 2012