"the Surgery"

For the partners of ftm or mtf or anyone really:
so i just posted my story about my exp w/dating a ftm& was looking at the comments of others. So many of you refer to things as "the surgery" or "the operation." 

My ex bf had would become very annoyed w/these terms. There are actually a series of surgeries that could be done. He would always ask, WHAT SURGERY as there are literally....dozens that a ftm or mtf could have (just as any other person). If ur referring to what is known as SRS or "bottom surgery," i know for some, my ex anyway, it is preferred to explicitly say what surgery if ur in the context where it is actually being discussed...i feel like it's because if people just use that vague term "the surgery/operation" it has overtones of IT'S ALL ABOUT SEX& SEX ORGANS when their bodies are made up of so many other things also. in dating my ex i learned that many mtfs& even more ftms are able to change their gender boxes legally sometimes without what is often referred to as "the surgery/operation." i started using terms like "the surgery/operation" when i first met him but learned it was a big no-no to use that term.esp in that way - as if there's simply ONE surgery. if i ever wanted to talk about his medical business he wanted me to specify, i guess to be aware that there's more than one& if i was referring to SRS i should understand that is not what makes or doesn't make a man or woman. he taught me so much i would have never known about the community. 
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some people think it will fix how they feel<br />
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i m not sure<br />
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i still remeber the day we went to standford medical center and talked with doctors about my wife<br />
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they sadi if she was happy now other then to do the operation to correct some of the damage the birth doctor had done and to make her front look more correct they would do nothin but we had to wait till she was 21and we were told the cost and we had that monyey put aside byt the time we got out of high school<br />
and she never made that age she was killed at 19

I'm sorry to hear about your wife.
What I'm saying is the terms used can be bothersome to some transpeople such as my ex bf, he would hate would people would vaguely refer to medical procedures. the mentality was if you're bold enough to discuss his medical history/processes then be bold enough to say these procedures by their actual names.