"Crafting the perfect illusion" Rather than Emotional connection.

I think my point was all these years way too much time is spent obsessing over the mating ritual itself and a very little of it is spent actually connecting to another human being to the point where it’s frustratingly see through for me at this point. It’s all about crafting the perfect illusion at this point, which eventually shatters and people are left dumbfounded.

Maybe I just wanted another person where standards weren’t so redicolously highl, you know?

Emotions vs… sexuality… Vs intelect.

Way too much time spent on option 2 and Way too much time FAKING the idea that you can put more effort into it then you really can at a sustained rate….  <-the big lie. Everyone gets tired after awhile. Everyone. 

As relationship carries on the level of effort in that department will diminish and all that's left is emotional connection and if that isn't established well, **** the relationsihp altogether and the SEX and how good it is won't even matter.

All of this time is spent crafting the idea that the time you spend in the infautation period is how it's ALWAYS going to be but at the end of the day the person staring back a you is another HUMAN BEING

and we forget that. We chase the illusion of perfection and then scream and whine like crazy when perfection wasn't achieveable... FOREVER. Because I think some people have it "just right" for awhile.. then it falls apart.

Fall in love with my heart, not my eyes. Fall in love with the mind, not body...

It's not like physical traits don't matter at all but I swear to god everything we do is a game. Have a blast with me ... Have a really good time but when I call what do you do? you pull back and play hard to get because You want to make yourself more valuble than you actually are and are BANKING on that illusion sealing the deal.

... Social psyxchology 101. If you were a Grifter or any sort of matchstick men sorta persona you are AWARE of the extent illusion plays on the mating ritual. I I've STUDIED social engineering...trust me I KNOW. I've USED social engineering in very devious ways.

It might leave you irriated by the pretenses rather than Wanting more of them..

At the end of the day I love who I love and it really doesn't matter how much they play those games or not. But yet at least one of them seems damn right befuddled at how she got my interest for so long.

Well, when I crashed and the world was upside down she was Interested in me in getting to know me and being there for me. She saved my life that day and doesn't even seem to realize it. She doesn't realize that's just the nature of her CHARACTER and THAT is why I've never second guessed it.

Why waste my heart on that which isn’t eternal?

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Jan 23, 2013