Why Did I Fall In Love The First Time?

the truth: I get tired of relationships and when I do i tend to dig for other answers. I'm tired of relationships because'm METACRITICAL at this point of relationships. Hear me through. It's not an aspect that occurs in ONE relationship. it's something MOST people do. They have this whole process of putting thier best foot forward in a relationship and the problem with that is that to use an allegory you can relate it to the most exhausting part of a very frenzied dance. This tether last for awhile but then the person collapses on their feet. Most people step out at that point.

People accuse me of putting others on a pedestal but often i'm convinced it was them who put ME on it

my first love when I started to fall for her originally took me in a very insecure moment in whichI was intensely jealous of another man and how he had a girl I was into and was sputtering about how alone I felt slapped me upside the face and told me that It hurt HER when I said that because I never considere all the time we'd spent together and I had her now so I can't say I'm alone anymore.

There's a phrase that we should all know.

"I thought you would love me anyways"

Because the real way the game should be played is to make it intensely obvious just how many flaws you have and see who wants you anyways. When you consider putting your best foot forward ask yourself: can you always be that person? always? If not awkward and embarassing humility is probably your best bet.


ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Jan 23, 2013