Judged Wetting

I was in court to try to make sure my partner that had abused me for several years and most recently had tried to kill me and my daughter went to prison.I was waiting for the judge to come to the court room and was starting to have a bit of a problem needing the bathroom and I normaly wore diapers but I had run out and there wasn't enough time to o get any before court so I was scared that it was going to be a long day but the judge came in and called me to the stand I was so nervous but I got up and started to the wittness chair and had one of the worst accidents I have ever had in public I wett so much that it puddled in the courtroom and the judge yold me to just awnser from there. After I awnsered the questions he asked me to chambers I thought I was in trouble but he told me that he has the same problem and understands and that it will be taken care of for the day of court for me .I was so embaresed to go out and face the ones that were still there but it was the only way out I like to wett but NOT in court. I am now the wet abused man of my town that is the laughing stock of the town and noone will even talk to me without laughing about me one man and woman said next time bring a bucket so I don't ruin the court room floor.
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some people are just plain crule. i was abused as a kid for wetting. i would come to school coverd in bruses from the previous nights beating from my little accidents. my teacher asked me what happend and all i could say was " i uh...fell down some stairs..." and said "are you alright?" of corse i said yes and my parents where arrested a year later and i still have night mares even as a grown man. i wish i could take back all those painful days i spent as a child. hell i became a ward of thestate because i had no other family!!!!! i hate my life......

know your not alone in this world and that there are people that care me being one of the I have been there too and willing to ta;l with you anytime I am on.

Just say that you were scared because of the fact she tried to kill you. You also have a medical condition and it happens. It was an accident and you should never be ashamed of it. Next time someone says something tell them I have a medical condition and accidents happen so if you'll excuse me. Since they are acting like bullies it will most likely be effective and the talk will die down sooner.

I've had accidents but they haven't been so public. Mostly they happen because I hold my pee too long.

People are so cruel. I admire you for standing there and giving evidence in court even though you had wet your pants. I was a genuine accident and I am pleased the judge was so understanding even if others were not. At lease you won the case! For that reason alone you should be able to hold your head up high not be ashamed of what happened.

Your right I should but it is hard to after all the talk but it will die down maybe in a year or two as that is usalaly about how long for them to forget something here if they ever do, and she did go to jail till trial and hopefuly she will never see the light of day as she has do a lot of very bad things to me and to my daughter.

You didnt mean to do it. Im glad everything worked out though with the court case People shouldnt judge it was an accident. Its not like you meant to do it dont beat yourself up over it. If you ever need to talk to me you know you always can.

Thank you soooo much. I know it was a true accident but it was in the wrong place at the wrong time. LOL