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It'S So Embarrassing...

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything, but I figured I would give it another go. I am a junior in high school, will be 17 soon and still haven’t managed to stop wetting the bed every night. It sucks but I guess I have kind of gotten used to it. What’s harder to “get used to” is the daytime problems. I’ve pretty much always had those too, but it’s been getting worse over the past few months. It used to be just the occasional accident, usually in situations where bathrooms weren’t readily available like long car trips or leaking a little bit on my way to the bathroom. But lately it’s been happening a lot more often, like I will get a sudden urge to go and I’m peeing my pants before I even have a chance to think about going to the bathroom.
Yesterday, after a particularly embarrassing accident I had at a restaurant, my mother suggested that we should think about extending my nighttime protection to the daytime as well. So humiliating. The worst part is I think she might be right.
KatyCat96 KatyCat96 18-21, F 16 Responses Feb 10, 2013

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can i ask have you been to a doctor to find out if there is any thing they can do

Hey message me

Katycat96 I'd like to chat with you if ur interested msg me how often are you having daytime accidents now ?

Hi there, can we chat sometime? :)

That's ok

I think it's really hot x

I also wet the bed and have daytime accidents. Wearing diapers is an easy solution to your problem. They are easy to hide with the right clothing and you can still do everything that you want. I work out at a gym every morning and have an active social life. I would much rather wear diapers than have a public peeing accident.

That is what they used on me, I hated it at the time, later on I got this fetish thing about it, so weird.

I have the same problem myself.

i think wetting the bed is extremely hot

I'm sorry. :( I hope things have improved since then!

I have the same problem, I am finding that I will wet myself every time I go to a friends house

hi Stop worring about it and do not be embarresed by wetting youre selfe. its a problem that is note youre faught.
I wish I could be more reasuring. people will grow to understand in time. and the less you show embassment the more they will understand.

Aren't they just a type of underwear?

if you do go into day time i would say get some real rubber pants , not plastic . it makes alot more sound than diapres do but rubber seams to muffle the sound. i am wearing almost 24/7 now ,plastic bed sheets ,rubber pants and a big sweater to hide my diaper when i wear pants that are not as baggy as i would like . and dont think rubber pants are going to cost you 60-100$ i found some on HDIS that are only 26$ . dont be afraid tho , you have people like us on EP that have alot of info and willing to give suport . :3

Please don,t think this situation may be forever....I have had 2 g/fs with very similar circumstances, one would wet at night if she had problems at school and then later at work if pressure of work was getting to her. It was all stress related, she would have the same problems in the day time if she was under pressure or stress (even if she didn,t realise she was worrying) she would wet her self most embarrassingly.....but it would all go away if and when she was not worrying. Am happy to dicuss? don,t worry and it might go away.

hi dear i am sorry you are going through this but i think you are right and so is your mother but i is not the end of the world i wet 24/7 and i am 53 but i tell you this so you know you are not the only one out there with wetting prob and your not alone even though it sucks from time to time but i like the diaper for keeping me dry and the thing i sit on and that they dont smell bad so in having to wear is not all bad i found i can still do lots of thing that i like too do only i have to do them in a diaper i still fish hunt boating kyaking ride dune buggies and minibikes with my 11 year old daughter she lives with her mom so you see even though you wear diapers you can still go out and have some fun and enjoy life