One Time At The Mall

So one of the reasons I'm posting this story is to tell the world that you can still wear diapers and be normal. One can't help their physical medical condition. Anyway now that the speech is over I'll tell my story. I was tired of always being attended to one day, and I begged for my parents to let me go to the mall with Bryson. I mean I love my parents, but they are too overprotective of me and my situation. So after a month of begging they finally decided to let me go. We were totally excited because he has the same problem. We also got to be put into disposables, so our diapers wouldn't bulge through our sweat pants. The only problem was that we had to carry our changing supplies in a diaper bag. We knew this was not normal, but we took it! Bryson wanted to be normal for the day, so as soon as we were dropped off after being told when we had to be back, we put all of our supplies in a book bag, so we wouldn't be suspicious. Of course as we entered the mall a security cop told us he had to check our bag. We asked if he could check it in private so we could keep our dignity, and he agreed. After notifying the rest of the mall police that we were only diaper wearing boys, we were let to go enjoy the rest of our day. Nobody gave us those stares I always get at my high school, because sweats actually make a good cover up of the diaper. We were enjoying playing DDR in the arcade, until BAM pee just started flowing right into my diaper. I was so scared it would leak, but it didn't. A little kid, about 6, was right behind us and he and his mom smelled it. Thinking it was him, she pulled down his pants, to discover a dry diaper. He was crying. As she was calming him down, I kinda bent over to get my stuff so I could change, and she noticed it. I tried to get Bryson's attention so I could get him to change me, but before I could, she grabbed me and him, accidentally knocking him down, and took us to the family bathroom. It turns out I wasn't the only one who had an accident. Bryson had pooped in his, and when he fell down, it smeared all the way up his back. It was nasty, but it was good that we had extras in our supplies. The woman was a friend of his mom's so she knew us. She changed and cleaned him up because he was pretty bad, then she changed me. Nothing totally embarrassing. Everything else that day went smoothly, except my mom changed us into cloth diapers in the parking lot, so we wouldn't leak on the seats of the new car she bought that day. It went awesome. It was truly the first time I felt normal without having to change anything about myself. I was still wearing a diaper, but it was the first time I had been treated like a baby in them. My family now lets me go to the mall often, and I just enjoy being a diaper wearing teenager who gets to do everything a teenager should get to do.

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I wear black jeans, so I can just let go and nobody notices, even the spunky sales lady I was talking to! So cool! ;-P

i have four diapers on right now that helps too , i going to the mall and walk around a while<br />
i more waddle with all these diapers on,

there r some really good disposable diapers out there that hold like so much pee u can go a long time without being changed. the better they r the more they show through ur pants though. u just have to decide if u want to go out bad enough i guess. i just wear them and go where i want

No I do not have one.

Great story...and I like your pic too. Keep posting! And feel free to add me if you wish.