i have an aunt, cousin and other miscellaneous family who are deaf. im close to all of them so i picked up sign language very quickly...

its difficult to learn and hard to get the hang of, but once you know it, you never forget it. i really think god really had a plan when chose the family for me, because now, because of farah, and jaden i have chosen a career path. FINALLY!

i have decided that i would like to be a deaf interpreter. maybe in a legal situation and/or for human resources! im so excited to have finally realized what i want to do with my life.

its funny because my fiance is going into the military as a linguist. he is almost fluent in spanish and will be learning a K5 language once he is in. so we will both be working with other languages! im so happy~

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yeah...well how i learned sign is pretty funny actually. i was learning...but when peaking to farah i never paid attention to her signing, since she is exceptional at speaking for being completly deaf. so what she did was only sign to me...when talking to her i had to literally focus on her signs because she wouldnt was so tough and i got mad at her at times, BUT it really made me delve into sign...and i learned so much from that.<br />
she signs ASL and thats what i have always signed, so when i go to school for sign i will have to learn other methods of sign as well. <br />
and there is actually an amazing book you can use to learn ASL. its called "a crash course in american sign language" its veeery extensive and illustrated beautifully. not sure on the author at the moment but i can get back to you with it!<br />
<br />
thanks to you both for your comments!!

lol I just read what I put... Since I'm watchin tv and writing I didnt finish all my sentence... bout the baby comment... and I dont remember what I was gonna say... so never mind that paart...

My mom was deaf. I used to be great at sign... but the sayin is tru... If you dont use it you'll lose it... So keep that in mind... The career your picking can be hard... nd lots of running around... gotta be a people person too... <br />
<br />
I'm also thinkin of takin sign class... its bout 2 1/2 years here... then spanish so I'll be tri-lingual <br />
<br />
And to my lovely LILYCUE... <br />
Sign is good to teach your small baby... they can remember sign before talkin... and if you and your husband have your on sign, thats great... but books can teach you some... but something tryin to visual the sign can be tricky... maybe see about videos that way its 3-D