Sure This Might Be So

but you know, i feel like im being CALLED by someone who LOVES ME but i dont know..because im so totally alone and i dont know what to think anymore at all....

im really just out of really just rambling,, i dont know who or what i am anymore..whatever..

i just think that i need to cool it..i want to feel wholesome again, thats it! 

i dont know what i want when it  comes to boys..i dont know who or what or when or how..
i just know that if i do come in contact with someone that i love, its going to be a very long time...before i have sex..

thats the last thing on my mind..
not really im actually very horny..

but whatever..
i just wish this possessed feeling would end..
i wish someone would COME TO ME IN PERSON instead of IN MY DREAMS instead of in my MIND! dammit! 

im going to stop caring. 
because i know you played me for a fool.
dontneedanyoneortwo dontneedanyoneortwo
18-21, F
May 18, 2011