Dont Be Affected Too Much By Others.

A friend of mine told me that she cant see a future with me and my boyfriend. she thinks that we really wouldnt last. for a night i cried over this, feeling bad and all that ****.. No one has ever told me something so frank and straightforward that it hit me right to the core. But then again after a day, i realized that who the hell can dictate what i want to feel, who i want to be with, who and what makes me happy? No one, except me. So why let her? (Im honestly not mad at her since she only did that to express what she feels and everyone's entitled to his/her own opinion.) Since then i promised myself not to get too affected with other people's comments/reactions/opinions. to just accept them but not necessarily get affected by them. Honestly, i thank this experience since it opened my mind and heart to what/who makes me GENUINELY happy. That what matters is what I think, what I feel. other's are just secondary.
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1 Response May 8, 2011

:-bd :D proud of you hun! >:D<