Stop Wasting Time.

I've spent a lot of time dwelling on the unhappy things in life, bringing myself down and getting myself angry.
When all this time there have been many happy things to think of instead.
I won't lie, there are plenty of unhappy things but I've come to realize that the happy things should overcome them.
Even if there is nothing extremely happy going on in life, it's better not to think of them because they bring you down, blocking you from the happiness.
Ever since I've decided to look on the bright side, I've seen more opportunities and the negatives seem to melt away quicker.
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9 Responses Nov 19, 2011

This is great, I hope your journey is still going well :)

nice one , not wasting time and health on negitive things ......<br />
you have a reallly bright future :)


I couldn't have said it better myself !<br />
You're right to look on the bright side, let the dark one in the gutter.<br />
Be always positive in thoughtd and heart !

Very good advice. I want to be happy too, and I have many reasons to be. It's just the negativity circulating around me...ugh. Not cool. But thanks to your positive words, now they are sinking in into my stubborn brain. haha thanks!:)

Nice words, if youve really learned this lesson so young then im pleased for you :)

Good for you! I've adopted this same way of thinking also.<br />
I try to be happy and focus on the positive instead of the negative.<br />
Kudos to you =)

Good Idea to just keep looking of the bright side, remembering that life has still got a warm place just for a person like you.<br />
Even experiences about bad old issues happened to you is good, as you're now living in that warm spot of the bright side, you'll realize how much sweetness life gives ; your happiness will last longer than others ^_^

You're right, and you won't meet many people who have such great insight. We have a choice in this matter. The glass is always half full and there are more solutions than problems. Keep ones chin up always.<br />
<br />