On Happiness

I have decided to be happy -yes. And yes -it is a choice. I suffer with chonic pain and I've learned to look at things optimistically. I am a glass is half full kinda gal. I've had to learn it and chronic pain is a very good teacher. I was not always like this growing up for whatever reasons. Since my car accident 22 years ago I've learned that if I do not look at the bright side of life then it just makes the pain even worse. I have successfully rewired my own brain and now it's become an automatic thought process. Anyone can do this -it takes time and practice until it becomes automatic just like anything else. We self create ourselves every moment of everyday so why not choose to be happy.
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How do you do it?

like I gotta choice right ? . . . haha . . . I haven't been dealt a happy hand . . . but I will be damned if I'm gonna go down easy . . . life . . . truely is what you make it . . . make it happy . . . no matter what . . . its all about perspective . . . in a sense really I have it easy . . . if I DON'T look at things positively . . . makes my physical pain worse . . . pain is a good teacher . . .

This is great advice. Thanks for sharing. :)

thank you KassieKat . . . and thank you for commenting . . . 8D

Exactly!!*High five!*

A very nice comment and it helped me a great deal thank you

that's the best ! ! . . . thank you ! . . . 8D