I Have Finally Made The Choice That I'm Going To Smile No Matter What

I need to declare my happiness no matter what is going on around me!
This in itself makes me
Realize happiness is is state of mind, a choice, a decision, you have to
Wake up and say I'm going to be happy no matter what happens
And fake it if u have to! Fake the smile, hopefully the smile will catch up
With the emotions! I've been feeling like I need to find a boyfriend, or a friend, or family member
Or some one to come along and make me happy.... But I've realized as of late
That is erroneous thinking. Happiness has to come from within, deep deep in the
Inside of you, no one is going to bring me a thing, so I've decided to keep smiling
As much as I can no matter what :)))
Standout04 Standout04
26-30, F
2 Responses May 15, 2012

I wish you all the best on your life journey. :))))

You are so right.....I came to the same conclutions when my marriage fell apart and my life seemed to be falling down all around me....there I was. Standing in the middle of the ruins of what use to be my life and all that I loved and cherrised.....Gone! Just like that.<br />
As far as I know my Ex is still traped in the loop where she believes you need someone else to complete you and make you whole.<br />
I, on the other hand, and you also have jumped out of that swirling nightmare and are forging new lives for our selves. We always were complete and whole people and always will be.....When the time is right the right people come along to help along each stag of lifes journey and the same will happen when that special someone will be placed in our lives. Two whole and complete people rejoicing and savoring the awesome greatness that I true complete love.....Time is but a figment of our imaginations.

Yes! Your story is so inspiring, well stated! ;)

Thanks! I'm chearing for you...Go Girl!!!!:))))))
Big Hugs!!

Thankssss, its not easy but its worth a shott!