Pushing Forward

I have been hiding from life, from happiness from just about everything , i barried myself into a relationship that i felt was save , i seen the hurt the world could bring as a little girl with my mom leaving me and my family and since that moment i have hidden from  everything, as i am getting older people expect things from me that i wasnt able to give them like why i didnt finish school and why didnt i have a job and why i didnt have my licence and many other things and i couldnt anwser that so i asked myself the samething and came to this one conclusion i was terrified of everything i was so scared to live that i locked myself into a relationship where i could depend on someone else, it needed to stop i woke up one morning thinking i am living like my mother someone who i very much so disapproved of, she was the exact oppisite of who i needed and wanted to be so i got up that day and i went out and got my beginners i got behind the wheel of a car ( I had a horrible car accident as a teenager and have been since then scared of being in cars) and then i knew i could do anything i wanted to it took me pushing past my fears to realize everyone is scared to live but we all have to if we want to make our life count , this one morning changed everything so from there i got  a job, i joined a fitness gym , i am studying for school so i believe that i have decided to be happy , its never to late to start living your life but im glad i realized sooner then later.
TheUndeseriedXo TheUndeseriedXo
18-21, F
May 17, 2012