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I Only Know The Name I Go By

In 2010, I was the victim of a terrible two-car accident that where the first vehicle struck me and a tailing one ran over my body. I arrived at a trauma center barely there, with two broken legs, Traumatic Brain Injury, internal injuries, and a host of other injuries. I was put under a medically-induced coma.
Somehow though, I progressed enough to be transferred to a rehabilitation hospital a month later. There, I went through a complete relearning process. By that I mean, learning how to go to the bathroom by myself, as well as walk, eat solid foods, and talk. I tremendous physical therapist I had helped me in ways I couldn't even begin to put into words here, and I came home in Febuary of 2011.
That is where the real battle began in life for me. I didn't realize it then, but that accident, and the ensuing time in the hospital left me with blindfolders on as to who I was, had become, and where I go from here. The biggest fight is now with my still-recovering brain, which still is feeling its way through occasional fogs and is on a Long and Winding Road back.
But you know what? I feel like after the events of that coldest winter night of my accident, there's nothing I can't rise to the occasion to tackle, so suffice it to say, I'm very optimistic...
And so glad to still be here.
DIYman DIYman 22-25, M 3 Responses Jul 17, 2012

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I went through a similar thing at 21, when I fell off the roof of a 3-storey building and landed on concrete yet somehow survived. My physical recovery took about 18 months, after that I could walk with crutches or a cane for brief periods and had a wheelchair for longer trips. 6 months later I was the same fool I'd always been, with scars, slightly less endurance and a bit more caution (but not much). I remember that buzz of optimism. Hold onto it and make wise decisions. It's all true. You can handle anything.

Wow that's some tough stuff, falling off a building, ouch; glad you came through it! Thanx for your kind words too:) I'm definately not as risky as i may once have been...

I can't imagine going through all of that but its nice to see that you have optimism and will continue to make progress through out you life.

wow ..DIYman thats quite an ordeal that you went through Im so glad that you made it through to tell the story :-) That must have been a very scary time for you.