I Have Decided.

A lot of the time, I convince myself that I am worthless; that those around me all have something I do not - they are prettier, thinner, smarter, better in social situations.
Often I look at myself in the mirror and I am disappointed in me, with my lack of abilities or perfection.

But every time I feel that way, I tell myself that I have decided.
I have decided to be happy with who I am, exactly the way I am now.
Everyone can improve themselves, whether physcially or mentally or emotionally, but accepting yourself for who you truly are is always the first step.

I tell myself, everytime, "I am happy with who I am."
And everytime I do, life seems to pick up for me. All those things I used to hate, or irritated me, seems like tiny insignificant pests trying to burst the bubble of contentment and protection that I now place around me. And they always fail. Life's little irritants no longer bother me.

I have decided, I am happy and that is all I need.
WondertheWorld WondertheWorld
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013