Nobody Knows Not Even My Bf

i have secrets that no one knows...not my parents or my best friend or my boy friend.
no one knows and i am going to the grave with them untold.
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You took a big step in admitting you have secrets inside you are afraid to share. I used to feel the same way until the pain of holding those secrets inside became greater than my fear or sharing. What I found was that be sharing with the right people, who cared and understood it was very freeing to unload those burdens. The more I shared, and received compassion and empathy the more I realized that I really didn't need to hold those things inside of me anymore.
There were things I shared that I thought no one would understand or that I was the only one in the world that had those experiences. I was wrong. One thing I can pretty much guarantee is that no matter what it is, someone can relate.

awwww now im really curious, if your this yng now with so many deep dark forward 25 years in the future...Now that will be good reading!

Have you ever wanted to share your secrets? Do you think people will judge you harshly is you shared that information?


Do you think you can confess them on EP anonymously? If you have to get it off your chest but you don't want to use your main profile, create another one and post away. Its hard carrying around secrets all your life. I wish you the best.

so what did you do???

nothing lol