Lactating Transexual Woman

Hello, Rachel here. I am a Transexual, after a couple of years on hormones I have developed real breasts with milk ducts and breast tissue which I am VERY proud to posess and show off. I have followed a lactation programme and after much patience with pumping and nipple stimulation am almost lactating. The pleasurable sensations are exquisite and I am looking for a discrete ANR male or Female partner to suckle me on a regular basis and take my lactation to the next level of milk production. Hope I can find someone in the PERTH Western Australia area, Maybe someone wants to reciprocate and is loking to be induced? I have lots of experience and would love to assist and enjoy the sensation of suckling and fresh warm milk, Love, Rachel xxx
femi9 femi9
46-50, T
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

well done honey xx<br />
I'm just starting induction and love them even more already.