Video Installation

I first went to art school in the late 70s, and left. After a few years I went back, perhaps I was never too sure that I really liked something until I found I was in something I knew was worse. I did a degree in Fine Art, not painting though. I was interested in the limits of what could be said to be art, and at that time it was still quite new for artists to put forward experience, rather than object as art. Performance, video, film and installation, all 'time based' art was still fresh, not understood and to some extent frowned upon by the art establishments, so I gravitated towards these things. 

Now we are in a position where video installation is one of the most common forms of gallery art, the times have caught up with the medium, it is very much accepted at least in Europe. That puts me in a bit of an odd position because I had a long break from making art while I brought up my children and had other family caring duties, I went back to university to do post graduate, and this change had happened while I was busy being a carer, my choise of a marginal medium of expression had become mainstream!

I also had an awful lot of catching up to do in terms of the thousands of new artists who had emerged in my dark years, and I had also had a lot of life changes that had affected me emotionally. Another thing is that theory in art had become fashionable, so my post graduate course involved rushing into philosophy without any framework or guidance. I found myself reading and travelling from one philosopher to another and endlessly looking up terms not knowing where I was going. It seemed as if I needed to know everything before I could make a step, although my practical tutor advocated the opposite: just doing things without worrying about why.

 I am due to be awarded my MA next month.

elizaand elizaand
41-45, F
Aug 20, 2007