Will Insurance Pay For Me To Move To New Zealand ?

I just turned 45 and finally found that my oft-repeated plaint "I swear I should have been bornin Australia, the way I sleep!" was right, at least with regard to my circadian rhythm bein "off". I've had all the platitudes and attitudes thrown at me about my laziness (even though if left to my own devices I can clean my house and write a book from midnight to 6 am if I can sleep undisturbed and unguilted from 6 am to 2 pm). I've had great jobs that I tanked because I always ended up slowly, desperately trying to shift my schedule, even though I worked really hard and did really good work. School was a nightmare, and I missed record-setting numbers of days to "flu", because forcing myself out of bed was unfair, illogical, impossible! I should have tried night school instead of college. I've become ill from 4 decades of screwed up sleep. And, for the record, if fixing this were really just mind-over-matter and self-discipline, with all of the effort I've expended, I should be able to levitate by now, much less get my *** out of bed the normal way every morning! So, there's a name for it, and other people in the world who live it, and I am neither lazy nor crazy. That doesn't help my husband and kids and I as we struggle with disparate phases and a world that insists we live on the schedule set by the "normal" majority. But knowing you kindred spirits are out there sure doesn't hurt. Blessed Be and good luck.

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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

I've got the same idea- I always thought I should have been born in the UK not Australia.It was only after I was diagnosed at 20 years old that I finally found out from a sleep specialist that I was right. It's now my goal to one day move to the UK and lead a 'normal life'.