More Than Likely, I Have Dsps

Ever since I started college and I was able to pick my schedule and have long winter and summer breaks, I have noticed that I will fall asleep around 6AM and wake up at 4PM everyday during breaks. I would always stay up later and later, like sleeping 8AM one day, then 10AM the next, and never knew that was called chronotherapy. Unfortunately, I haven't found a credible enough doctor in the chicagoland area to diagnose, but after reading all of the symptoms and keeping multiple sleep logs, I find that I exhibit the symptoms. My friends would always make fun of me for constantly sleeping during day and tell me that I need to just start sleeping at a normal time, but they didn't understand that if I were to just lay in bed at 10PM, I would lay there till 4AM waiting to sleep.

My father and brother both exhibit this nocturnal lifestyle and even my friends dad said that my whole family was messed up. But in all honesty, ever since I found this and saw that it is genetic, I feel much more at ease about my situation. I regularly engage in chronotherapy a week and a half before school starts to reset my sleep schedule to normal times and follow a rigid schedule of midnight-6AM everyday afterward until summer and winter breaks. I don't use any drugs for this since I honestly don't believe in them and find that this works best for me.

But even in my childhood, I exhibited many of the symptoms but maintained a very strict sleep schedule because of my parents. The only time I was able to sleep according to my normal circadian rhythm was when my family and I would go on vacation, and even then, I would acclimate to sleeping around 5 AM at the local time.
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Chronotherapy? I wish I could stick to that. That's awesome that you don't use any drugs too, much healthier.

Hi im 12 years old and i have been diagnosed with dsps! As a result i have changed to being home schooled and these past two weeks have also been diagnosed with depression ! I cant cope anymore ! And i feel i am alone! So now i have dsps depression ocd and anger problems! I cant do this anymore!

if online classes are available to you, that might help. i'm taking classes from home at 4am each night when the family is asleep and i'm wired because my mind's racing. now that i've discovered that this is a genetic condition, i can't help but think that a few people in my family probably had this same problem. i would see them constantly struggle with it and chalk it up to insomnia, stress, depression, etc. it never dawned on anyone that the symptoms all disappear once they fall asleep at dawn. i don't believe in pills either but in desperation i've tried tylenol pm and an over the counter sleeping pill. of course, neither worked, i just felt really tired but still couldn't fall asleep, which is worse than being up all night. i've tried not sleeping the following day after a sleepless night so that i can maybe get tired enough to sleep the next night, but usually that results in being up for 2 nights and a day, and then continuing my streak of sleeping during the day.