I have had severe dsps since birth but my diagnosis was delayed until I was 30. I love the night but would like to know if changing time zone would help. I have a very supportive employer but current circumstances are temporary making my sleep pattern a negative until at least several more months.Any advt.m 
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1 Response May 15, 2012

I've often traveled abroad (both 'back in timezone' as 'forward in timezone') and although the additional jetlag effect to my already sleep deprived mind & body does sometimes make me sleep better the first night after arrival, it seems only a matter of time before my DSPS 'adjusts' to the time-zone difference, leaving me with the same symptoms as at home within a couple of days. No matter if it was for a restful vacation or a very busy and tiring week of business...<br />
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So for me personally, moving between timezones wouldn't have a positive effect. To be complete: My travel experiences are between GMT-6 and GMT+7 from my 'home' being at GMT+1.<br />
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May I be so freely to ask in what way your current employer is or has been supporting you? And how you were able to convince him of your DSPS condition? Could be some good tips in there for other people in relation to their employers...<br />
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Thanks and all the best!