And My Mum Just Thought I Was Lying.

I can't believe it.

I can't remember when this started happening, but i've always had trouble with sleep and getting to sleep on time (currently writing this at 2:30am)

But, a little background on my search till now.

I havn't had too much trouble with my sleeping pattern, generally go to sleep between midnight and 3am, and wake up between 9-11 am.

Always struggled with trying to get up earlier ad sleep earlier, and i noticed the more depressed i was, the more i'd sleep in, but i'd never go to sleep any earlier.
Even if i was dog tired at 10pm, i would have to wait till midnight before i could fall asleep.

And.. it's not like i haven't tried to get up earlier. The most i've had is 5 alarms in the morning, and i turn them off in my sleep, and would sleep in anyways.

Sometimes it gets worse than this, and it recently had a month ago. This would be where, i'd be concious in my dream that i was sleeping (which only makes it worse when you know you have to get up) and i couldn't wake up at all, even though i'd know the time from turning off my alarms unconciously.

That was it, i hated being concious of sleeping in so late, and wanted to be up in the day, instead of half of it going.

So i started my search. It was till now that i decided to look up a list of sleep disorders, and i found DSPS.

I finally have an explanation for it, and can see ways that i can definitely improve my sleep pattern.

I couldn't be happier! I can't imagine what it'll be like to get up at a "normal" time!
GothicMonkey123 GothicMonkey123
22-25, F
Nov 30, 2012