Finally Some Answers.

A week ago I was diagnosed with DSPS. 15 years - half of my life - of severe sleep problems, sleepmedicin that didn´t work, a diagnose that said "depressed", a social label that said "lazy", countless and countless hours of being awake in the night ect., suddenly maked sense! I normaly fall a sleep two hours before my alarm rings and the lack of sleep have a gigantic impact in every aspect of my life! Right now I have to take all this new information in, but it feels so good, to finally hear from a doctor, what I already knew, but still needed to hear from someone else: No, I´m NOT lazy, it´s NOT my fault I have a hard time getting up in the morning, I´m NOT a bad mother because a have to take a nap every day when I rather wanna spend time with my kids, and NO, I couldn´t just change the time I fall asleep if I really wanted to. My diagnose with DSPS helps my pack away my bad conscience and instead look forward and hopefully learn have to live with it. Perhaps I need to change job and get a night-job? During the next long periode, I have to find out, together with my husband, how our family of 5 can function the best with me having DSPS.
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The American with Disabilities Act will very likely apply to you if you have a doctor's diagnosis. Depending on the circumstances of your job you may be able to force your employer to change your hours. You should look into it. I wrote a long post with more info a couple posts up from this one.

Yikes. I'm 25 and barely finishing a bachelors because I was only diagnosed 3 years ago. I can't imagine managing a family with the disorder. You're tough to have made it this far in one piece!

But you're not alone. I would say the medical industry is a good bet for night jobs. They still need a lot of non-nurse manpower to run their offices. Or maybe the service industry. If if youre very lucky, a job working from home.

Good luck.