It's More Than Just Being A "night Owl"

Ever since I can remember, I've been a night person. Even as a young kid, my parents would try to put me to sleep at a normal hour and I'd end up roaming around my room, restless until 6 am.
Fast foward to middle school, and I started having attendance problems in just the 6th grade because I couldn't fall asleep at a normal time or at all, thus resulting in being extraordinarily tired come time for school. Every year I would try to change and end up in the same pattern, and I've always hated myself for being so "lazy" when it came to sleep since it affected other areas of my life so negatively. I've been trying for 7 years since then to get a (permanently) normal sleep schedule.

So far it's never lasted long. I always thought I was just a night owl, and maybe a little weird since no one else I know has so much trouble with sleep. Recently my habit started causing what I thought was depression and possibly SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I find myself going to sleep around 5 am the earliest to being up until noon and sleeping until its night time again. Or I'll wake up mid afternoon, pissed that I've wasted the day (again) yet knowing the cycle will continue. The more this occurred the worse i'd feel with each passing day. No matter how many alarms i set, plans i have during the day, if i take melatonin, do things that are meant to make you sleepy or try to "reset" myself by staying up, my body just doesn't respond effectively at all.

Having such an unusual and basically nocturnal sleep schedule can really mess with a person's head, but luckily today I did a search on the connection of oversleeping and depression. I ended up finding an article on DSPS and it fits perfectly. Every single symptom was accurate, and I've been thinking for awhile that depression fit but was not quite it (like someone else on here has said). I find myself nodding my head and understanding all of the stories I've read on here so far, and it feels amazing to at least understand that this is a REAL thing and it's not just me with this problem.
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I have struggled this with, literally, my entire life. I was diagnosed with dsps. I strongly suggest getting your parents to take you to a sleep doctor to get a diagnosis. Trust me, you will want this when you are in college. Since class attendance can andwill affect your grades, you will definitely benefit from having an official letter from a sleep specialist to provide to your professors. They will grant leniency for attendance.

Also, since yours sounds like a life-long condition, there is a strong possibility that it will now go away. You can influence it, but think about how you can live with it.

I hope things improve. And get to a asap. :)