A Real Solution , Nothing Needed Than You And An Airplane!

Hello my name is Albert , I live in Spain (Europe GTM + 0:00 , Madrid , Brussels , London) For my entire life i had this condition.Like many of you , despite the things i'd do , i can't go to bed before 4-5 am (wake up to 1-2 pm).I tried sertraline , venlafaxine , melatonin , sleep deprivation , light therapy...nothing really works for me.It's like being homosexual , and trying to be heterosexual.So here is my solution , that it's the most radical , crazy idea you will ever read , about DSPS solutions.Five years ago i went to Guandong in China , cause we were adopting a little pretty chinese girl.His name is Julia and love my new sister.Well i'm overexplainig it.We were to a hotel in Guandong.My parents adapt their circadian rythm in less than 48 h.Mine was an other story.The thing is that , by a misterious reason , i fall asleep at the range of (7-8) in the afternoon and wake up at 3-5 in the morning.So by travelling by plane I changed my sleep schedule from being a late raiser ( i think it's called this way) to early raiser.So the fact it's that I think we DSPS sufferers we had a strict and unmoving bioclock.We aren't affected by light at the same amount than normal people.Well, in my theory , if a travel to California , or another country below American region , my clock will be synch with the day/night period of that place.So maybe my method , it's too radical or extreme , but thinking on waking at the same time normal people do it's just amazing.Thank you for your attention and please forgive my english , i hope that when i live in america i could improve my level of it.
Albertitoditu Albertitoditu
Jan 13, 2013