I am so sick of having this!! It causes so many problems for me. Everyone around me just thinks I'm lazy when I can't help it. I take so many different sleeping medications just to try to get my sleep schedule back on track but it only helps short term and I'm afraid that pills will mess up my body. I mainly use melatonin but I'll take up to 10 and they're 5mg each. I'm worried it will do harm to my body or brain but I NEED to sleep. I'll usually stay up until around 3am (on a good day) through 6-8am and sleep until 1 or 6pm. It ruins so much for me in my life and no one understands and they say that I'm lazy and get mad at me for it. If it's not the DSPS it's my brain that never shuts up. I've always been a night owl but this is extreme.

It has gotten a lot better than it was, however. I'll have a few days or a week a month where my schedule will be out of whack again, but I've been managing to keep myself in-check for the most part. It is hard and it amazes me that people can go to sleep normally everyday without a problem when it's such a struggle for me and others with things like this or other sleep problems. People do take things for granted, normal sleep patterns being just one of those things.
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Not to be confused with insomnia?

Well they are similar. A person with insomnia has difficulty going to sleep and/or staying asleep, while someone with DSPS's circadian rhythm is off, causing them to fall asleep at inappropriate times. The difference is is that someone with DSPS gets the normal amount of sleep, it's just that they aren't tired until odd hours of the morning or afternoon. However, someone can have both disorders. Often times periodic episodes of insomnia do occur, at least for me.

Hmm..that could be worth looking into. Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you for listening c: