I Do Too

Never knew the name of it but I had DSPS too. About 5 years ago I started taking 8 mg. of Zanaflex, not a sleeping pill a muscle relaxer, every night. I dropped off to sleep in about 30 minutes and slept 7 hours of good sleep. No hangover the next day. I could adjust my bedtime to sleep late on weekends too. This worked until a few months ago. Don't know if it has quit working because Zanaflex quit working for me or if some other health issues are keeping me awake.

I would recommend it to the rest of you because you sound young! Get your life straightened out now. I was in my late 50's before anyone helped me. The Zanaflex had me waking up with the rest of the world in only ONE NIGHT. I didn't even think I wanted to be a daytime person but I learned differently when I had the chance. 

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Noooooo! Folks, be careful of Zanaflex! I had a similar "off to sleep easy" response, but it is highly addictive. I'm not one of those people who has a knee-jerk response about pain meds & sleeping pills; in fact, I've gone through 12 years of treatment for pain and am still prescribed narcotic pain meds and Ambien. We periodically pull me off everything to be sure I am still a pain patient and not just in the habit of the meds. No problem, ever , except with Zanaflex. I was addicted in two weeks. I had hallucinations. I didn't care; I loved the sleep it gave me. When I realized I was hiding the truth from my husband, I took the bottle & flushed them all. Later, the wife of my husband's friend had bad health issues and was on many meds, including Zanaflex. Too many. She was hospitalized to pull her off everything and she was fine going off everything -- Vicodin, Oxycontin, Duragesic -- and had a full-on freakout withdrawal when they stopped the Zanaflex. I saw her when they gave her a shot of Demerol to counter the reaction and she still was begging for Zanaflex. Like everything else, some peoples emerge without harm, but the current class action suits show that many don't. Stay away.

I have had a lifelong affliction, since I was tiny. I was never able to sleep at a normal hour. It started when I was a baby and has never stopped. And it isn't limited to simply being up until the wee hours... my 'natural sleep hour' shifts a little later every night until I end up working all day after being awake all night. Thus the weird cycle begins anew.<br />
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Sorry to ask a personal question but how many people in this group are parents? How does it affect the management of the household?

I am a mother of 3. i am a loving and completely devoted mom. I can live with having to sacrifice my own dreams because of this disorder, but the fact that my kids suffer because of me is the most excruciating part of it all. they do not get breakfast. I cannot take them to school (friends or bus). no extracurriculars that have a regular morning schedule. my house is a mess. I cannot work to supplement our income to give them things that go beyond "need". I was a 4.0 student until my body literally gave out &amp; I started having severe arrhythmia issues and lost ALOT of my hair. became severely underweight &amp; nearly in the hospital. I fought hard! This disorder has stolen my life. I would never "rethink" having my children, in spite of it all. they are good souls.. good people. and that came from me! we love each other so very much &amp; do the very best we can with the cards we've been dealt!

I'm a writer and an artist. I've noticed artists especially tend to like vampire owls. If my school and work schedule allowed this, I wouldn't worry about this.

I'm a writer. It seems this syndrome is common among we creative types.

Thanks. I'm working on it. Don't think I mentioned that I'm an artist. A painter. I never liked to work in the mornings. I'm just not creative then. I get going in the middle of the day. I used to be able to work way into the night. When you get older that just doesn't work any more.

Im glad you found something to help with your problem :) Hope whatever is keeping you awake now is temporary :)

I'm an owl. I suppose I could change, but for now I'm just going to enjoy it. I'm going to file 'Zanaflex' away and maybe look into it at a latter date.