Ooh! So That's What It Is..

 I have always been a night owl.. always.  I've pulled double back to back all nighters in college and then made it up on the weekends or in afternoon crashes (I'm talking like 4 hour at least crashes).  Until now i just thought hey I huess I do great at night and I'm just not a morning person.  But when I would stay up all night I would feel alert and better awake for my classes and on the flip-side, when I would sleep 11 to 12 hours I would feel best, but still need a nap later. I dunno.  I feel like I have my clock flipped around, I am staying up until tonight (I haven't gone to sleep yet) and then sleeping. Maybe I can reset my clock this time.

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2 Responses Jan 21, 2010

You must mean Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. You can work around it. Try finding a job with a graveyard shift. Your productivity will be phenomenal. You'll see how much better you'll feel. There is a medication to keep day folks awake when working a night shift. This would be magic for those with the opposite problem. As of this date it is not indicated for this purpose and cannot be obtained for this purpose. Hopefully it will just be a matter of time. Just my opinion, not medical advice.

I know what you mean, and that guy's right. I've tried and failed a million times at resetting my biological clock. You can't fix it on you're own. And it sucks. And it is a syndrome or disorder. It most certainly is.

You're exactly right. You'll NEVER be able to turn it around either. That would be like asking a morning person to stay up all night. I'm always miserable in the morning & dead tired all day. I really wake up at about six PM & go until four or five thirty. I don't need a sleeping pill. I wake up all on my own. Now with an imense effort you can turn this around but the first day you goof and stay up; all that effort to change goes straight down the drain. And while you're making your effort to be a day person you'll be feeling just awful.